The NPUSA business model is specially designed to provide a unique opportunity to “Win Long”. It is a global seamless opportunity where you can enjoy success by sharing the benefits of the product with others. Learn how you can benefit from the impressive array of bonuses prepared by NPUSA.

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IZUMIO is a natural tasting high quality mineral water infused with hydrogen. With unmatched technology and specially designed, IZUMIO replenishes the body with the essential element of life. The fundamental building block of the universe is captured in a four-layer aluminum package providing a more effective delivery method in replenishing your body with hydrogen.

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SUPER LUTEIN is a broad spectrum, multi-carotenoid nutritional supplement specially designed for eye and overall health. The main ingredients: Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Alpha Carotene, Beta Carotene, Beta Cryptoxanthin and Lycopene are essential carotenoids that cannot be produced by the body. SUPER LUTEIN also contains a broad spectrum of antioxidants designed to maintain overall health.

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SUPER LUTEIN MIRTO+ is a supplement that combines the power of SUPER LUTEIN with the superpower of MIRTOGENOL®. MIRTOGENOL® is a powerful hybrid duo of ingredients; PYCNOGENOL® (French maritime pine bark) and MIRTOSELECT® (bilberry extract). With these two amazing high-quality ingredients, MIRTO+ is sure to give you an extra added punch in the fight against oxidants while maintaining better overall quality of health.

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Super Euglena is packed with the benefits of 59 types of nutrients from a tiny plant-animal hybrid known as euglena. Thanks to its increased paramylon, Super Euglena helps the body break down and eliminate unwanted dietary substances that aren’t easily removed through normal means. When taken with IZUMIO and Super Lutein (or MIRTO+), the end result is a trifecta in maintaining optimal wellness and health from the inside out.

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Cleansing Plus is made from a blend of natural skincare oils used in spas to make their facial treatments more effective. The smooth and rich oil removes make-up and impurities trapped inside the pores and leaves your face hydrated and refreshed. It effectively purifies without leaving your skin feeling tight; delivers moisture for a skin that feels smooth, radiant and supple.

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An advanced moisturizing product, Rich Formula is formulated with a well-balanced blend of cosmetic ingredients that aim to revitalize the skin. It leaves your skin feeling fresh as if you had applied toner, and plumps the skin leaving it feeling firm after applying a moisturizer. Look forward to a smooth and supple skin with luminous complexion that glows from within.

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Gracious Cream turns your daily skincare routine into an enjoyable moment with the elegant fragrance of Damask Rose. With a formula consisting of carefully picked anti-aging ingredients, this cream is gently absorbed into the skin and creates a seal that locks the moisture in. It produces a long-lasting moisture retention effect on the skin and gives it a more supple and healthy glow.

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LIFTANT gives skin firmness, elasticity, and radiance, all while taking beauty to new heights. Just like how stressed threads begin to loosen and sag, our skin starts to lose firmness and elasticity as we age. This firming serum targets the troubling signs of aging. Luxuriously formulated to nourish your skin, LIFTANT restores the confident sensation of a taut, contoured visage.

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Cindy Gallant

OC Salt Therapy